Faster operation and more user-friendly


The 539 controller is still going strong

Back in 2011 the DOL 539 climate and production controller for poultry production was launched. The controller was state of art and absolutely one of the most modern controllers on the market. Even though the controller has been on the market for more than six years, it is still one of the most popular thanks to regular software updates.


  • 20 livestock houses
  • 6 sites
  • 6,700,000 broilers a year

The customer knows best
The updates are based on the feedback from our daily users and back in April we gave the DOL 539 controller a facelift that provided our customers with new features.
The Danish poultry producer Frijsenborg is the one of the customers who had the controller from the very start. We paid Michael Jensen, Farm Manager at Frijsenborg a visit to hear what he thinks about the latest update.
Michael is an experienced user of our controllers and a very professional farm manager. He demands a very detailed insight and we have asked him what he thinks of the new features available.


Combination of text and icons improves the user-friendliness
One of the improvements we’ve made is that all functions are indicated with both icons and names.
In the original version only the icons were shown and Michael appreciates this change: “Before the update we were only able to see the icons and sometimes you were unsure whether it was the right icon you tapped and if you were wrong, you had to click you way back”.
This change also means higher safety to users less familiar with using the controller as they don’t solely have to rely on the icons when making changes to the settings.

Fast operation
Michael also highlights the processor update as a very important improvement. ‘Up until now it could take some time from you clicked an icon until you entered the menu you wanted. With the new update, the controller is very fast to navigate and it is almost like operating a smartphone.’

This also has a positive effect on the operation of the Service Access which is a feature that Michael uses on an everyday basis. ‘It has become much faster to use the Service Access which I use to remote control my livestock houses.
It's like having the climate controller in your pocket.’


What's next?
As for Michael’s wishes for future SKOV controllers, he points out that he would like to have a controller with an even larger screen.

With a smile on his lips, Product Manager Niels Riis answers that SKOV is responsive to the customer’s demands and that Michael’s wish might be fulfilled before he know’s it.