I wanted to learn more


Competence development is more popular than ever

We experience an increasing interest for our courses at the SKOV Academy. During the last year, we have held more than 40 courses. A number that we expect will increase in 2018.

A wide range of courses
The courses range from basic training in ventilation systems through farm management to customised courses.

Roman Slivinskyi, Chief Engineer from RBPI in Russia participated on a customized end user course.

- I wanted to know more about the smart systems from SKOV to make work easier for my employees and company. I wanted to work smarter by using FarmOnline.

Did the course live up to your expectations?
- Yes indeed. I am so happy about this course and the teacher Henrik Ramsussen was very good. I bring back new knowledge and have built up new relations. It is so cool - I will definetly go again sometime, Roman concludes.
The customised courses on site are very popular. The growing demand for courses has led to engagement of new colleagues.



New initiatives
The academy team now counts four members, who work on new initiatives such as online courses. The 2018 course catalogue was recently released and offers courses almost every week. Click here to see the range of courses.