FarmOnline for breeder production


New program module

FarmOnline Breeder is a new program module for the FarmOnline program package, which creates an overview of production in different buildings in just a few minutes each morning. .

The breeder module
The Breeder module is used to register data and to analyse the results from production of parent stock. 
FarmOnline retrieves data from all climate and production computers that are connected to the network, including the number of eggs from up to 32 egg counters per livestock house.
Data analysis is displayed in a central overview image, which gives a total overview of the most important productivity parameters. The results can be displayed on a daily or weekly basis. The individual graphs can be analysed in detail from the overview image.
If production is not going as planned in one production unit, the producer can delve deeper into the data from the central overview image and analyse the reason for the fall in productivity.
The producer can thus increase the efficiency of his or her working day based on the central overview image in the Breeder module and allocate resources correctly in relation to production.
Rapid and relevant intervention will likewise ensure better animal welfare, as any problems are picked up at an early stage.
The module can also help to increase general productivity and earnings, as it makes it easier to compare and learn from livestock houses of high productivity and to transfer management from these house to houses of lower productivity.