ProGrow - easy pig weighing and updated data


SKOV launches an integrated system for the management and monitoring of finisher pig production from weaning to slaughter. The system, which includes pig weighing via camera, is a three-star EUR novelty at Agromek 2016.




As feeding costs typically constitute 70% of the total cost of finisher pig production, it is crucial for farmers to have a constant focus on optimising this factor.




"ProGrow continuously monitors the pigs' feed consumption and growth. This gives pig producers the possibility of optimising production in terms of choice of raw materials, feed mixture and change of feed," explains Niels Henrik Lundgaard, Product Manager for SKOV A/S.




The production computer monitors and controls the supply of food and water and continuously records the animals' weight at section level.




"Manual weighing of finisher pigs is hard and time-consuming. ProGrow weighs the pigs via a camera mounted above one or more of the pens in the house. The images are analysed by an algorithm that determines the pigs' weight," continues Niels Henrik Lundgaard.




The system is installed at Søren Andersen, Spøttrup Pig Production in Denmark, which has a production of 1050 sows and an annual production of 33,000 weaners, which are sold at 33 kg.




"We are very excited by the perspectives offered by ProGrow. We are constantly striving to improve productivity and animal welfare. An important condition for us is that we have updated and correct data to base decisions on," says Søren Andersen, Spøttrup Svineproduktion ApS.




The continuous monitoring of feed consumption and the pigs' weight provides the opportunity to optimise the production finances. At the same time, irregularities are discovered quickly and this enables action to be taken, thereby minimising production loss.




"I take pride in involving my employees in the production, and we go through the production results daily and discuss the opportunities for improvement at our morning meetings. FarmOnline is a valuable tool in this instance, as it helps to make things clearer," continues Søren Andersen.




All necessary production data is transferred directly from the production computer to the ProGrow module in FarmOnline, which provides a very high degree of data validity. Data does not rely on the staff at the individual farms manually entering data into a system.




"Easy pig weighing and real-time data have always been on the wish list of finisher pig producers, and we can now offer them this with ProGrow," concludes Niels Henrik Lundgaard.



The production computer can be expanded to become a climate and production computer, so that relevant climate data can also be included in efficiency calculations.