RBPI expands - 12,400 sows full line


RBPI Group expands - 12,400 sows full line

Russian Baltic Pork Invest (RBPI) invests heavily in pig production in Kaliningrad and the Nizhny Novgorod region in Russia. SKOV supplies ventilation to the new housing units. All livestock houses are connected to the FarmOnline management program, so feed and water consumption are automatically captured and monitored.

RBPI Group

  • Expansion with 12,400 sows full line
  • Production of an additional 450,000 porkers
  • Control of feed and water at section level
  • Monitoring of production via FarmOnline

Doubling the production facilities
RBPI Group has been in pig production in Russia for many years. Today, RBPI Group already has a production of 6,200 sows full line with an annual production of approx 225,000 porkers in Kaliningrad and Nizhny Novgorod respectively.

“We are expanding production by an additional 6,200 sows full line at each of the two sites, so we are doubling production in both places,” says David Nielsen, Pig Production Director at RBPI Group.

In correlation with the construction work, David Nielsen visited SKOV in Glyngøre to get an introduction to FarmOnline, among other things, which continuously monitors the pig’s feed consumption and gain. This allows the pig producer to optimise production in terms of choice of raw materials, feed mixture and change of feed.

Hunches replaced with knowledge
On the new farms, feed weighers and water meters are installed in all the weaner and porker sections so that consumption is captured at section level and continuously monitored by FarmOnline. “No system can replace basic good management, which can only be done by the employees on the farm. However, the FarmOnline system provides the management team with an extra layer, in which hunches are replaced with knowledge,” explains David Nielsen.

Only one computer to relate to
With the SKOV set-up in the weaner and porker sections, employees in the livestock house only have one computer to relate to. “The DOL 639 controls everything related to climate, feed transport and weighing, as well as the monitoring of water consumption - and it’s all rolled into one user interface,” adds Carsten Rasmussen, Area Sales Manager at SKOV A/S. To fully utilise the set-up, it is important that the employees use the system correctly and a training programme is planned for RBPI.

Tests with ProGrow
RBPI Group has production facilities in several locations, and it is important for David Nielsen to be able to keep up with production, even when he is not physically present on the farm. David Nielsen wraps up by saying, “our production is growing exponentially in more and more locations, so it’s important that we have central management systems, which allow us to benchmark the production units.” 
Work is being done to install ProGrow, with automatic pig weighing via camera technology, in a few sections. The experiences from these tests arbitrate whether RBPI Group, in the future, will proceed with the system and install it in the other production units.