Total overview of the entire production


FarmOnline EPM

There are numerous benefits from large-scale broiler production. However, these benefits can only be achieved if management has a total overview of the various production units. The EPM module gives management this overview.

Once management has a total overview, production can be optimised based on current and updated data and resources can be concentrated on sites that are underperforming.
The validity of the data is high, as it is obtained in the same way from all production sites. There is no manual data entry and reporting by a farm manager.
Data is collected all of the time, and decisions can be made based on current data, which creates a correct basis for decision. 
The EPM system ensures that production can be optimised at a business, farm and house level.
FarmOnline EPM is used via an internet browser or smartphone and allows for use of a computer with internet access to see production data for farms in different locations. .