Farm AirClean – Combi-Cleaner
Biological and chemical air cleaning

The Combi-Cleaner is a modular concept. It facilitates ordering the required number of air cleaning units based on cubic meters of housing air you need to clean.

The idea behind the module-based filter unit was to standardize the air cleaning unit into prefabricated concept units. They are of very high quality and thus ensuring the usual advantages: reliability and reduction of product manufacturing and mounting costs.

The Combi-Cleaner includes a biological and chemical system combined with a water washer and/or biological filter. The combination of two cleaning technologies ensures optimum cleaning of the outgoing housing air.

All components are easy to reach and clean in connection with the necessary maintenance. There are also data management systems, both locally and via the Internet, with which the user can monitor the washing process. Subsequently, it is possible to intervene quickly if necessary.

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