Farm AirClean – Combi-Cleaner
Biological and chemical air cleaning

The Combi-Cleaner PE is a module-based air cleaner. It makes it easy to size the air cleaner for cleaning a certain number of cubic meters of housing air. The air cleaner fully integrates with a SKOV ventilation system.

The Combi-Cleaner PE is a three-step air cleaner. The first step is chemical filtering to reduce the dust and ammonia content in the air. The second step is to neutralize and remove the acid residues from the first purification step. The third step is a biological filter consisting of wood chips that reduce the odor in the housing air.

The Combi-Cleaner PE is a module-based prefabricated air cleaner. The prefabrication ensures high and consistent product quality and that the air cleaner is uncomplicated and quick to install and put into operation.

A 100% cleaning of the housing air reduces ammonia emissions in the ventilation air by 96% and the odor emissions by 76%. The Combi-Cleaner PE is approved for air cleaning in Denmark in pig houses with local exhaust ventilation.

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