DOL 434 climate controller
Flexible and user-friendly

DOL 434 is a series of climate controllers for any kind of production.

The controllers are designed based on a modular principle, which means that one can easily adapt them to the individual producer's needs.

The DOL 434 is a combination of relevant climate software and hardware that match the need of the producer.

The DOL 434 controllers have exceptional user-friendliness and intuitive operation in common.

You operate the controllers using a large touch screen with graphic icons. The icons ensure recognition and make the controller easy to operate in daily routines.

The menus are straightforward and logically structured. They allow for individual setup of outline menus at different user levels.

It is easy to change the language shown in the controller display. You can choose between more than 40 different languages.


  • Flexible solution of software and hardware
  • Climate regulation is based on temperature and humidity, but also the CO2 and NH3 level
  • Precise climate control – optimal growth condition for all poultry in the house
  • Adaptive Control – artificial intelligence to secure higher productivity and animal welfare
  • Dynamic MultiStep – low energy consumption and optimal climate
  • And much, much, more…

Technical Information:


Installation examples

Adaptive control

Poultry Layer Controller DOL 539

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