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Keeping your SKOV system i top condition

One thing is to develop and install world-class production and ventilation systems, another thing is to make them run at world-class performance year after year. All high-performance systems working day and night all year round need regular service and maintenance to retain the highest productivity, long lifetime and lowest energy consumption. Therefore SKOV's customers are offered professional local service, new high-efficiency products with low energy consumption, product upgrade kits and continuous software upgrades. Some system service can even be done via remote service access. Improvements on the production results influenicing your bottom line easily pay for this service.

Why and what 
Keeping your system in top condition​

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Service expansion
SKOV dealer transforms the business

Two years ago (2015) there were only 2 technicians employed at PPA. Today there are 4 full time service technicians employed and one on contractual basis. Growing from 2 to 5 service technicians in only two years.



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