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Keeping your software up to date

Keeping your software updated is important. Software updates can include new or enhanced features and they ensures that your system has the highest functionality available.

​FarmOnline Explorer 4.1.1



Software Release Description (4.1.0)


FarmOnline Explorer

incl. documentation and .NET framework


FarmOnline Explorer (.msi file only) 

Note: The .NET framework is not included in the msi file, which is required for FarmOnline Explorer to work. 


FarmOnline WebLink 

FarmOnline WebLink 3.2.2 

Software Release Description 

FarmOnline WebLink

Version 3.2.2



FarmOnline Weblink 3.1.2 (for intermediate upgrades only) 

Note: This should only be used when upgrading from Weblink versions older than 3.0


FarmOnline Export 

FarmOnline Export 4.0 

FarmOnline Export Installer with documentation: 

Notice: FarmOnline Export requires WebAccess licence on the farms