Stay updated and improve

SKOV is continuously developing new products and new upgrade possibilities. Many of these are simple to integrate into your existing SKOV systems. It could be new high-performance SKOV fans replacing old SKOV fans to quickly reduce the electricity bill substantially. Explore the options described in the documents below.

IBB general  
Specific improvement possibilities in existing SKOV installations​

It is a combination of continuous product and service innovations that makes it possible to increase the production efficiency or lower the electricity consumption. Click icon below to download document and learn more about the prospects.​



DOL 539 upgrade
Quick, easy and low-cost upgrade

Upgrade your controller to the new DOL 539 or DOL 539+P but use the wiring, back panel, speed controller and I/O boards from your existing controller. 


Click the icon below to download document and learn more about all the new features.​



Poultry PMC
Monitoring - the key to control

Provides you with the needed input and control possibilities to improve the production efficiency, lower the consumption and react to real-time data.


Click the icon below to download document and learn more about how you can optimise average daily gain, produce more in the same house, reduce mortality and antibiotics as well as improve FCR and carcass quality.


DOL 63X upgrade
Quick, easy and inexpensive upgrade

Reuse some components from your old SKOV climate computer and install some new components and experience all the new possibilities. Click icons below to see what you get with an upgrade.​