New modern test centre


SKOV inaugurates new modern test centre domiciled in Glyngore

Many were interested and dropped by last Friday, when R&D Software Manager Ebbe Kronborg opened the doors to SKOV’s new software test centre at the head office in Glyngore.
Livestock house controllers, alarm units and management systems are just some of the products that are being tested on a daily basis in the new test centre, which in honour of the event was open to visitors.

‘With our new test centre, we are to a still higher degree able to test our products before release, which helps to guarantee our customers high quality products,’ says Ebbe Kronborg.
Every night automated tests are made on hundreds of livestock house controllers. On the basis of these tests, reports are automatically generated for further follow-up. Test results are used for troubleshooting and to a great extent they help ensure high quality in connection with software releases.