Climate control



Optimum climate control for modern pig producers

​In a modern pig production, with high stocking rates and maximum utilisation, many things need to be kept under control. This makes precise and efficient climate control essential for ensuring optimal animal conditions. SKOV has wide experience in developing user-friendly climate computers capable of handling both simple and advanced control tasks. All climate computers are modular, meaning that they can always be adapted to match the individual needs of your herd. We have worked hard to make the sophisticated easy to use, which is why climate computer menus are icon based.

DOL 234F climate computer

  • Correct livestock house climate
  • Control according to outside temperature
  • Night temperature setback
  • User-friendly and innovative
Climate computer
Precise climate control

The climate computer is suitable for all types of pig houses. It regulates and monitors house climate and can control temperature, humidity, ventilation, heating, cooling, humidification, and CO2.



The climate computer is easily operated with an adjsutment knob and a graphical display

User-friendly and individual

The climate computer has a large graphical display and is easily operated with a adjustment knob. Menus are simple and logical and can be adapted to your herd. You can set up the computer to make menus used daily faster to access with the turning knob. The climate computer also has direct access to FarmOnline® via the built-in LAN module, enabling you to view data and key figures on your PC, tablet computer or mobile phone.



Climate control for pig production



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