Sustainable global food production
In respect to animal welfare

SKOV contributes to efficient and sustainable global food production that delivers healthy food produced in respect to animal welfare. We provide climate solutions, farm management, and digital value chain services for animal production worldwide.

Having SKOV as a partner provides you with a reliable, high-quality solution, and we are with you from the design phase to the final project. You have a partner who knows about climate and farm management. We translate this knowledge into solutions that will increase your livestock production and profit.

Made for farmers by farmers since 1966
We are proud of our DNA, as our founders themselves were skilled farmers. They decided to build their own ventilation facility, as they couldn’t find the quality they were looking for in the market. And even though this was many years ago, to this day, our core part of our DNA remains to provide the best quality within our given parameters.

We want to create climate for growth for all the people we work with, our customers around the world, of course, and for our business partners, employees, and society at large.

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