Ventilation is important
in insect farming

The production of insects for animal feed is an alternative source of protein in the green transition of agriculture and a production form with significant global potential. Our cost and energy-efficient solutions can contribute to the prevalence of insect farming globally.

A characteristic of insect production is that the larvae convert biomass residues into protein in a highly efficient way. It is a production form where air quality deteriorates rapidly, generating much moisture and heat. The production requires an efficient ventilation system with high and uniform air exchange ensuring good production conditions throughout the house.

SKOV is a world leader in supplying ventilation and farm management for the agricultural sector. The requirements of the insect farming industry called for modifications of existing products used for decades in the pig and poultry industry. The modified and newly developed SKOV products constitute a full-package solution of durable, energy-efficient, and advanced products.

Better Insect Solutions, a joined SKOV, Big Dutchman, and Inno+ brand, can supply the technology, expertise, and service you need for upcoming insect farming projects.


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Insect production

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