Welfare and productivity

A good livestock house climate is vital for the animals' well-being, health, and productivity.

Like ventilation and cooling, heating is crucial for creating the best possible climate in buildings with a high level of productivity. SKOV provides ventilation solutions in which heating is an integral part of the overall solution.

The livestock house must be heated for some time before the animals are stocked to provide the animals the best start. It is essential in climate areas where it is cool/cold.

You can raise the air temperature within a few hours; however, it may take longer to heat the walls and floor. Young animals are utterly dependent on the ambient air temperature, and the first days of life form a solid base for good production results.

Even after this first period, the climate is crucial for the animals' well-being and productivity. Particularly temperature and relative humidity have a vital role in feeding consumption, growth, stress, infection risk, etc.

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