It started in the 1960s

Decades of quality
In the middle of the 1960s, the brothers Kristen and Kjeld Skov developed the first ventilation system. The Skov brothers were running the largest egg production facility in Scandinavia at the old manor house of Oestergaard Hovedgaard. The idea of a ventilation system was born in connection with the construction of two new livestock houses.

From local to global
The brothers could not locate a system with the capacity to ventilate houses of the envisioned magnitude, so they set about developing ventilation systems themselves.

The sale of ventilation solutions for poultry and pig houses began in 1966, thus establishing the foundation of today's SKOV. Ventilation systems manufactured by the brothers quickly gained popularity, and owing to lack of space, they built a new factory in Glyngoere. That was the year 1978.

In 1982, the export adventure began to pick up speed with some huge orders to Northern Africa, and since then, new systems and products have been developed and exported worldwide. Today, we are a world leader in our field, and export accounts for more than 90% of the turnover.