Air outlet
Powerful and efficient air outlets

In a ventilation system from SKOV, you exhaust air from the livestock house through chimneys or wall fans.

The aerodynamic chimneys and wall fans are developed for maximum air output at low energy consumption levels.

SKOV air outlet has a high output - an advantage that can be utilized, as they are extremely pressure stable. It means that they are not affected by wind conditions around the livestock house. Our outlet provides a stable climate in the livestock house under all conditions.

We have many years of experience in developing robust outlets adapted to the harsh environment of the livestock house. You can use them anywhere in the world, and we have tested the units in both extremely hot and cold climates. They are exceptionally robust under all weather conditions and have a very long service life.

SKOV outlets have a low energy consumption, and when used in combination with the Dynamic MultiStep control principle, the customer gets the most energy-efficient ventilation system on the market.

Dynamic MultiStep

Air Outlet Dynamic Multistep Capture

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