SKOV-SECCO is the corporate brand for dairy solutions from the SKOV Group

SKOV-SECCO is the result of merging two successful brand names, Secco International and SKOV. The purpose of the merger is to demonstrate our strong commitment to the global dairy industry and our forward-thinking approach.

We aim to provide superior services to our customers and improve dairy productivity across the continents where our products are distributed.

Future-proof products and data-driven solutions are at the heart of our market approach. SKOV-SECCO represents a new level of innovation and knowledge from two continents, optimizing dairy production in various climates, regardless of the customer’s location.

If you are in the dairy industry, please visit the SKOV-SECCO website to find contact information for the SKOV-SECCO organization.


United by Dairy encapsulates the core of our partnership. Together, we can handle the challenges that dairy producers face today and in the future with more strength and better resources.  

Secco International joined the SKOV Group on October 1, 2019. Since then, the joint forces have launched several initiatives to leverage their strengths and improve on different areas globally.

Secco, which is based in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada, has 23 years of experience and is a leader in natural and mechanical ventilation systems for modern dairy barns.

SKOV, headquartered in Glyngoere, Denmark, has over 45 years of experience and specializes in ventilation and farm management for pig, poultry, and insect production on a global scale.

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