BF 50 BlueFan
For renovations and new build

The BF 50 is a 50-inch box fan – a perfect solution for both newly built houses and as a replacement in existing houses. You can use it in Tunnel houses and Combi-Tunnel houses for side mode and tunnel mode ventilation.

BF 50 combines a minimum energy consumption with a high airflow ratio. When used in combination with the Dynamic MultiStep control principle, you get the most energy-efficient ventilation system on the market.

The pressure-stable design enables the fans to run efficiently and ensures optimum livestock house conditions.

The BF 50 comprises thermoplastic and stainless steel – non-corrosive materials, made to withstand the harsh environment in a modern livestock house.

The fan is available with an air-controlled or motor-controlled shutter that closes tightly when not in use. The motor-controlled version ensures that the position of the shutter, even at a strong wind, remains in its correct position. It also enables the use of an emergency opening.

BF 50 is also available as a recirculation fan.


  • High performance at low energy consumption
  • Non-corrosive materials – no rust or need for frequent replacements
  • Pressure stable – no problem in windy areas
  • Airtight shutter and well-insulated – no draught or false air intake
  • Available in stepless (0-100%) variants and ON/OFF variants


Cone, mesh, light trap, insulation plate



Technical Information:


Installation examples

Bill Williams, Chief Executive Officer at ProTen

Case story – ProTen, Australia

“I like the stepless control system of the BF 50 and that it took less labor input to install, but the key matter was the performance in combination with power savings.” - Bill Williams, CEO at ProTen

ProTen in Australia has tested how the BF 50 BlueFan in combination with Dynamic MultiStep performs compared to their traditional house setup with galvanized box fans and standard control principles.
The test was carried out over two batches in two identical houses with the same genetic, feed, stocking density, and management.
ProTen owns and operates 482 poultry houses around Australia, producing more than 111 million broiler chickens a year.

Easy one-to-one replacement of your existing fans

  • Arrives assembled
  • Fits in the existing 50-inch holes in your livestock house
  • Reuse the existing electrical installation and controller
BF 50 Bluefan one-to-one replacement

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