The best productivity conditions in a changing climate

Combi-Tunnel is a fully automatic all-weather system that provides the poultry the best possible productivity conditions when the outside temperature changes from very cold to very hot.

The system automatically adapts the ventilation according to the outside temperature, production type, and age of the animals.

When the outside temperature is low, the system keeps the temperature and air humidity at an ideal level by removing excess humidity and heat generated inside the house.

When the outside temperature is high, the system changes the air in the house so that the animals are cooled via air velocity and cooling systems.

The climate controller controls the temperature, air humidity, and air velocity efficiently, ensuring a uniform production, one of the most critical factors for achieving the best possible production results.


  • Automatic adaption of ventilation to all climate conditions 
  • Closed production environment
  • Controlling temperature, humidity, air velocity, and air quality
  • Same climate all over the house during cold periods
  • Using air velocity as a chill effect during hot periods


Download - Broilers and Breeders

Download - Layers

Essentials in a Combi-Tunnel ventilation system

Combi-Tunnel ventilation system

System Combi-Tunnel Poultry South Africa

Combi-Tunnel ventilation - farm in South Africa

Poultry farm South Africa drone view

Animation of a Combi-Tunnel system

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