High-pressure cooling
Maintain high productivity during the hot periods

High-pressure cooling can be added to a ventilation system with wall or ceiling inlets. The system adds atomized water particles to the air in the livestock house. The water particles evaporate in the heated housing air and thereby cool the air.

The pump forms the basis for an efficient cooling system. You get a complete pump unit from SKOV, including filters, ready for power and water connection.

Only stainless steel and acid-resistant pipes and joints with high durability and long service life are used for the piping system.

FlexClamp nozzle can be placed anywhere, allowing for optimal positioning above the air intake.

You can also use the high-pressure system for humidification of the livestock house or soaking between batches.


  • No or less drop of productivity during the hot period
  • Avoid animal heat stress and higher mortality during very hot periods
  • Optimize the humidity level in the house for higher productivity and animal welfare
  • Dust-binding – better air quality and working environment

Technical Information:


Installation examples

High-pressure cooling

High Pressure Cooling Close Up

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