DOL 114 temperature and humidity sensor
The reliable climate sensor

Correct measurement of temperature and humidity are most crucial to create the optimum climate in the livestock house.

The DOL 114 is a high-precision sensor for measuring both relative humidity and temperature simultaneously.

The sensor element and the built-in filter enable application in livestock houses with constantly high humidity.

A protective cap is available, eliminating the need to remove the sensor when cleaning the livestock house.
The sensor has an analog output with a very low output resistance and complete protection against short circuits and wiring failures.

A microprocessor controls the sensor and has a two-color light-emitting diode (LED) to communicate operation status and error diagnostics.


  • Two-in-one sensor
  • Correct humidity measurements also in houses with changing and high humidity level
  • Developed for the harsh environment in livestock houses
  • Leave it in the house during cleaning


Sensor plate

Technical Information:


Installation examples

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