DOL 53 ammonia sensor
Ammonia measurement

DOL 53 is a sensor specifically designed to measure ammonia (NH3) concentration in livestock houses.

The adverse effects of high ammonia concentrations in livestock production are well known. With the DOL 53, the farmers can continuously monitor the ammonia concentration and take corrective actions if ammonia levels increase.

The level of ammonia in the air indicates the litter quality in broiler houses with on-floor management. There is a close link between good litter, a uniform distribution of the birds, and good production results.

The DOL 53 features accurate ammonia measurements in both low and high concentrations, negligible cross-sensitivity to other gasses, and a long lifespan without the need for calibration.


  • Litter management control – uniform distribution
  • Too high ammonia concentration results in a higher FCR, lower gain, and decreased welfare
  • Corrective action according to NH3 level


Sensor plate

Technical Information:


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