DOL 16 light sensor
Light control for better productivity

The DOL 16 is a sensor that measures light intensity. It is designed to handle the harsh livestock environment.

You can use the DOL 16 light sensor to measure and control light levels, typically in poultry houses and mating sections in pig productions.

The level of light is a factor that broiler producers must actively control to achieve high productivity. You can optimize the gain of the broilers and the laying of eggs by parent stock with correct light control.

Using the DOL 16, it is possible to maintain the light level recommended by breeding companies or maintain a light level, which has been a positive experience for the broiler producer.

DOL 535/539, including the production module for breeders, may be connected with up to five DOL 16 light sensors, controlling light levels in the livestock house via dimmers.

A two-color light-emitting diode (LED) communicates operation status and error diagnostics.


  • Control of light level to optimize production
  • Automatic light control via the climate controller
  • Save money on electricity

Technical Information:


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