Pad cooling
Maintain high productivity in the hot periods

Cooling pads can be used for Tunnel and Combi-Tunnel ventilation in front of the tunnel opening and for LPV ventilation in front of the wall inlets. The cooling takes place when fresh air passes through cooling pads that are kept damp by trickling water. The fresh air is cooled when it absorbs water vapor from the cooling pads.

DA 100B/150B is a complete cooling pad system that is very flexible and easily adaptable to most house types.

In contrast to other cooling systems, there is no need for a separate water tank. The tank is integrated with the lower gutter and is thus part of the gutter system.

Water is supplied directly without the use of special distributing pads that are used in many other systems.

The bleed-off function poses a distinguishing feature to the system. The bleed-off process aims to keep the salt concentration below a certain level by continually draining water with ample quantities of minerals from the cooling system and replacing it with fresh water with lower mineral content.


  • Big pad surface - high cooling effect results in better productivity
  • No or less drop in productivity during the hot period
  • Avoid animal heat stress and higher mortality during very hot periods
  • A robust system, even with poor water quality
  • Unique solution for hot and dry areas that eliminates temperature fluctuations

Technical Information:

Download - DA 100B/150B

Download - DA 150C

Installation examples

SKOV Pad-Kühlungssystem

Pad Cooling DA 100+150 Close Up Water Distribution

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