DA 1211/1911 wall inlet
Providing fresh air to your livestock house

Even with minimum ventilation, the wall inlets provide a uniform climate throughout the house. The outside air is directed toward the ceiling and mixed with the existing air before it reaches the zone occupied by animals. This method does not cause any draught and thus leads to uniform distribution of animals and, thereby, the same growth conditions for all.

During hot periods, a higher air velocity can provide a cooling effect for the animals.

The DA 1211 and DA 1911 are well suited for light wall construction buildings as you can mount the inlets on an interior wall with screws through the flange.


  • Uniform climate all over the house
  • Inlets close tightly – no draught or false air intake
  • Fully insulated – no condensation or ice formation
  • Operated by a pull rod – all inlets maintain the adjusted opening degree
  • Maintenance-free and long durability


Air direction baffle, inlet cover, mesh, light trap, flyscreen

Technical Information:

Download - DA 1211

Download - DA 1211 anti-freeze

Download - DA 1911

Installation examples

Wall inlets

Air Inlet DA 1911 Wall Inlet With Short Air Direction Plate Product Picture

The importance of a smooth ceiling

Poultry Air Intake DA 3800 Wall Inlet Close

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