DA 1200 fly screen
Increase your biosecurity

It is proved, that flies can carry and spread diseases such as campylobacter for poultry and African Swine Fever (ASF) for pigs. DA 1200 fly screens are an easy and effective way to significantly reduce the number of flies entering the house.

DA 1200 fly screens are designed to cover the wall inlets in the livestock house so that the air entering through the wall inlets passes through the fly screen and thus prevents potentially infected flies from entering the house.

The fly screens are easy to assemble and mount to the outside of the air inlet, without assistance from a service technician. The high quality makes them resistant to harsh weather conditions and repeated cleaning and maintenance.

The fly screens are originally made for SKOV's DA 1200 wall inlets. However, the fly screens fit any wall inlet of any brand with a max dimension of W:600 x H:475 mm. If your inlets have different dimensions, we have other options to help you – please contact us.


  • Keeps out flies
  • Easy “do it yourself” installation
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Installation examples

David Nielsen, Russia Baltic Pork Invest at SKOV's headquarters

Case story - 27,000 flyscreens installed in Russia

Russia Baltic Pork Invest (RBPI) focuses a great deal on biosecurity and decided to mount SKOV flyscreens on every single air inlet, on every farm the company owns in Russia.
“In the summer of 2019, we installed the SKOV flyscreen on all the air inlets mounted in all the sow, weaner, and finisher sections. This way, we minimized the risk of infection that can enter the livestock house through the air inlets” says David Nielsen, Pig Production Director, RBPI Group.

Easy "do it yourself" installation

Easy installation of DA 1200 Flyscreens

Easy cleaning and maintenance

High-pressure cleaning of DA 1200 Flyscreen

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