DOL 2300/2400 alarm

The welfare of animals in the house is essential! The utilization of the house in modern livestock productions makes the production vulnerable regarding ventilation stop, for example, due to power failure.

DOL 2400 alarm system can monitor the temperature of up to 100 houses and can also be used to warn of equipment faults and other emergencies.

The alarm system includes advanced temperature monitoring with temperature compensation. It can also receive analog input from capacitive sensors and generate an alarm if the silo level is too low or the water consumption has changed.

The alarm system can generate silent alarms, general alarms, and local alarms such as sirens, flashing lights, and loudspeakers. In addition, you can receive a telephone call, and a text message.

The alarm has a fingerprint scanner, but you can also use PINs to avoid unintended changes to alarm settings. It is also possible to view the operation log; the log stores events for one year.


  • Security for animal welfare and your investment
  • Monitors temperature, humidity, empty silo, water, and fire, etc.
  • Advanced temperature monitoring with outside temperature control
  • Fingerprint scanner or six-digit PIN
  • User-friendly touch screen with easily accessible overview menus
  • DOL 2400 also monitors its power supply and battery backup


Local alarm device

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