DOL 278 emergency opening
ON/OFF or temperature-controlled

The welfare of animals in the house is essential! The utilization of the house in modern livestock productions makes the production vulnerable regarding ventilation stop, for example, due to power failure.

In case of power failure, it is essential to ensure the animals fresh air – the air intake and air outlet of the ventilation system must open and NOT close.

In combination, DOL 278 ON/OFF and the climate controller form an emergency opening system that opens swivel shutters fully in case of power failure or technical problems, thus improving the welfare of the animals.

DOL 278T and the climate controller jointly also form an independent emergency opening system. They open the swivel shutters and inlets gradually instead of 100%, depending on the excess temperature.

Further, DOL 278T is connected to an independent temperature sensor in the section, providing additional security against failures or excess temperature in the livestock house.


  • In case of power failure, the first few minutes are crucial for the animal welfare
  • Security for animal welfare and your investment
  • Insurance companies often offer lower insurance costs due to lower risk

Technical Information:

Download - DOL 278T

Download - DOL 278 ON/OFF

Installation examples

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