Water-based room and floor heating
Precise temperature with automatic adjustment

DA 4200 is the family name for SKOV’s room and floor heating units. The units grant precision in measuring the water temperature going in and coming out of the system. The controller follows and automatically adjusts the temperature according to the age of the animals. It ensures an even temperature throughout the batch and that the temperature setting is the same for each batch. The preset temperature curve is easily copied from section to section, and since only the climate controller can adjust the DA 4200, the risk of accidental adjustments is reduced.

Flow monitoring is possible if a BlueControl controller regulates the heating system and you extend the heating system with the SmartHeat kit. You can then get an alarm if the flow rate is suddenly low. Further, it is possible to record the actual energy consumed for heating. It provides a unique chance to compare sections and houses and chase energy optimization.

Read more about optimal floor temperature here.



  • Intelligent room and floor heating monitoring
  • Constant feedback on energy consumed for heating
  • Early warnings of irregularities, displayed by the BlueControl controller
  • The room heating unit is ready and assembled on a stainless-steel mounting plate

Technical Information:

Download - Room heating

Download - Floor heating

Installation examples


Case story - Store Vognsbæk, Denmark

Danni Sørensen is very pleased that the system lets you pick a temperature curve and then sticks to it. Previously, they had to adjust the temperature between batches and whenever the heat from the boiler was unstable. “It has shown to be very precise and removed the need for manual adjustments" says Danni Sørensen.

The floor heating system can be controlled through the farm controller or FarmOnline. It has eliminated the risk that anyone walking the hallway can adjust the floor temperature. "It's a great comfort that the temperature can only be adjusted through the controller – although it hasn't been necessary for us to adjust anything because the temperature now automatically follows the same curve from batch to batch" says Danni Sørensen.

Store Vognsbæk is a modern pig farm with 2,700 sows, producing 75,000 piglets, 25,000 weaner pigs, and 16,000 finishers a year. The farm is run by the brothers Danni and Jonas Møller Sørensen, who are the fifth generation on the farm.

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