Tested to last
Facilitate long-term testing

We are known for supplying products and solutions of the highest quality. Our products go through significant test processes before being launched to the market. 

At our unique in-house air physics test center at our headquarters, we measure product performance on a 1:1 scale. In the real world, our products are exposed to extreme weather all year round. At our climate chamber, we can test if products can withstand temperatures between -30 to +70 degrees Celsius (-54 to 126 degrees Fahrenheit). 

The controller software runs automatic tests 24/7/365 to spot any errors or irregularities in any possible scenario. 

We test our products in actual livestock productions in different climates and production types following the in-house tests.

Test facility on premise

Test Laser Ceiling

Long-term testing and 3D printing

SKOV Test center