About us

SKOV contributes to efficient and sustainable global food production that delivers healthy food produced in respect to animal welfare. We provide climate solutions, farm management, and digital value chain services for animal production worldwide.

Apart from the headquarters in Denmark, there are subsidiary companies in Thailand, Russia, China, and the United States, and a software development department in Malaysia. The SKOV group also includes Secco International Inc. in Canada.

The headquarters expanded on several occasions, and today, there is in excess of 32,000 m² under one roof. The latest landmark on the timeline is that we put a new logistics center into operation. The new logistics center brings together the warehouse in Denmark at one location close to our local subsuppliers. It features cutting-edge technology to optimize the work processes and thus facilitates the distribution of our ventilation solutions worldwide at competitive prices.

Having been present in the market since 1966, SKOV has become one of the world's leading ventilation and farm management systems suppliers and counts more than 500 employees.

Welcome to SKOV Headquarters

Leo Ostergaard