Farm management
at farm and business level

A SKOV controller controls the climate and production at house level.

FarmOnline shows photos and drawings of the farm, providing a high level of graphic recognizability and quick navigation.

The program displays selected key values for temperature, humidity, ventilation, cooling, and heating through user-friendly graphic elements, and you can change settings directly.

All essential production data is displayed on one screen – providing a quick overview and enabling in-depth analyses. As both current and historical data is displayed for mortality, weight, and feed consumption, it is possible to monitor the development of the individual batches and compare them to each other.

Owing to FarmOnline live connection to all controllers, the farm manager can respond to alarms immediately by, for example, changing the setup in the controller via FarmOnline.

Alarms can be sent as text messages or emails or displayed on a smartphone via the FarmOnline app.

Therefore, the farm manager can intervene immediately in a qualified way to safeguard the welfare of his birds and his production.

Business perspective
Companies that own several farms in several locations can access data to get a complete overview of their farms, enabling them to develop their businesses further.

Data is transferred directly from the controller to the management system PC at headquarters. Data is in real time and not influenced by any manual processes that can cause errors and lower the data validity.

You can view daily priorities, as well as long-term strategies at a glance, contributing significantly to the efficiency of the production processes.

Planning based on real-time data becomes more important under changing market conditions. FarmOnline helps the manager make decisions and quickly change them when market conditions change.

The management can compare essential production data across the individual farms and concentrate the efforts on farms, where the productivity needs improvement.

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  • Trustworthy, validated, and filtered data from an unlimited number of farms
  • A complete overview of production at all levels – farms, regions, and worldwide
  • Possibility to initiate quick action in case of irregularities on any farm regardless of location
  • Improved production and business development based on reliable real-time data
  • Efficient implementation of management strategies in the various regions




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