Take your porc production to the next level

For many years, finisher producers have been asking for real time data, which would enable them to react instantly should irregularities be detected in production. With ProGrow, you get a complete overview of your production, so that you can make decisions based on the most up-to-date data.


  • No more manual weighings
  • Improve your feed efficiency
  • Real-time and valid data
  • Clear overview

Optimise feed and earn money
High gain and efficient feeding are the most important parameters to creating a good economy in weaner and finisher production. 70% of the costs in a finisher production go on feed, which is why there is money to be earned by having the correct feeding strategy.

Overview and real time data
ProGrow collects data about the animals’ feed consumption and water intake and performs automatic camera weighings. The collected data is displayed in a clear manner that provides a complete overview of the animals’ gain.

Precise and time-saving weighings
With ProGrow, you no longer need to weigh the pigs manually. A camera is mounted in the ceiling so that you can keep constant track of the animals’ gain and weight distribution. Camera weighing is optimal for the weighing of weaners and finishers, as the animals are not placed under stress and the equipment is not subjected to the pigs’ curiosity. The ProGrow system has been thoroughly tested in a Danish finisher herd, and the test shows that camera weighing is precise right up to delivery at a weight of 110 kg.