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Overview yields profit

As the scale of poultry production grows, so the need for an overview and the ability to control many houses from one central place increases accordingly. SKOV's farm management system FarmOnline® is for those who wish to have the greatest possible output from your production site and to know the status in the livestock house around the clock. 

In the livestock house
We have everything for climate and production monitoring​

A modern poultry production is complex, and there is a lot to manage in order to constantly optimise and maintain an optimal productivity. In order to be able to make comprehensive analyses that can be acted upon, it is important to have precise and updated data from the livestock house. SKOV has the best selection on the market within climate and production equipment for all types of poultry production.

With SKOV's bird weighers you get the most precise weighers on the market

Weighers, water meters and sensors

We supply the most precise and sturdy feed and poultry weighers on the market, which constantly send input to the house computer,​​ just as our water meters record the animals' water consumption. We have a large selection of climate and production sensors, which record data that helps to ensure an optimal climate in the livestock house as well as correct feeding of the animals.

Light control

We have developed lighting programmes that are specially adapted to both production type and animals' life cycle, just as we offer an egg counter that automatically records the number of eggs during egg laying in parent stock production. All data is collected in a modern and user-friendly house computer, which processes and saves the collected data, which can then be analysed and further processed in FarmOnline.

At the farm office
Make the right decisions with valid data

With FarmOnline, all the data collected from the livestock house is presented to you in a manageable way with an overview of your herd. Here, you can see all the relevant key figures and values for the individual batch, and you can also make comparisons at batch and house level. In this way, it becomes very clear which house is performing best, and you can then use this information to optimise the other houses. As a matter of fact, you can copy the setup from the livestock house that performs best to the other livestock houses in just a few clicks.


See all data from the livestock house at the farm office in clear tabular and graphic form

Complete overview makes prioritising​​ easier 

Another advantage of using FarmOnline is that you can quickly and easily gain a complete overview of all your houses. You can thus prioritise your time because it is clear which houses have the greatest need for improvement.

​Based on the data collected and processed combined with your own observations in the livestock house, it is possible to make decisions that promote the animals' productivity and thus your own income.​

On the go
Stay updated – even when you are not in the livestock house 

Even when you are away from the livestock house, Farm Online® enables you to follow your production closely. Amongst other things, we have developed an app for smartphones that gives you access to all your house computers, so you can view climate and production data as well as alarms. You can also retrieve historical data and select which key figures you wish to have shown.

Furthermore, Farm Online® gives you access to your house computers from an internet browser, just as you can give external advisers and service personnel access to the house computer.


With FarmOnline app for smartphones you can always access your livestock houses
At the head office
Gain access to production data from different locations​

We have developed a tool for general analysis of production data from broiler production that is intended in particular for use by central management.

Farm Online® EPM is used via an internet browser and enables access to production data from farms in different locations. This enables you to compare production results across farms and batches from the head office. This gives you a unique opportunity to follow up on those initiatives that have been instituted. It also provides you with a clear indication of which farms are performing best. You can use this information to raise the standard on all of your farms, as the setup from the farms that perform best can be copied to the other farms.

You can also export data and correlate it with data from other parts of the integration such as feed mill, hatchery or slaughterhouse.


Improve your business with reliable data from you whole intergration​

​​FarmOnline® for poultry production



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