Optimum climate with an efficient heating system

Especially in the temperate parts of the world, the supply of heat plays a significant part in relation to creating optimal conditions for the animals before and after stocking. Heating is an integral part of ventilation solutions from SKOV and we offer heating solutions to cover any need.

Heating pipes
Efficient waterbased heating

SKOV will most often use the so-called Spiraflex heating pipes for livestock house heating. The heating system is based on the supply and circulation of water, the heating pipes providing efficient and economic house heating.



The finned tubes result in a high heat release per meter

​Larger surface, higher heat release​

The finned tube design results in a large surface area and when comparing with a traditional, smooth heating pipe the Spiraflex tubes provide higher heat emission per meter. 



​The heating pipes are mounted right by the air inlet as this ensures the mixing of heat with fresh air prior to reaching the area occupied by the animals. Floor heating is particularly well suited for poultry production, but cannot be recommended as the only heat source, given the relatively long reaction time. Spiraflex heating pipes make it possible to raise the house temperature relatively quickly. With Spiraflex heating pipes, it is possible to raise the temperature rather quickly, which may also contribute to a better distribution of the birds throughout the house.​



Read more about heat management.



Heat recovery
Save more than 50% on your heating costs

In modern farming, there is a big incentive to reduce energy costs, including the costs of heating the livestock house. At SKOV, we are constantly striving to develop and manufacture products and systems that ensure optimum animal conditions and the greatest reduction in energy consumption for the producer. SKOV offers a heat recovery unit that will lower your heating costs without compromising the livestock house climate. The heat recovery unit utilizes the heat in the exhaust air to heat the fresh air being introduced into the house. ​



Reduce your energy consumption with a heat recovery unit

​62% heating cost reduction​

Test studies by the Danish energy provider Energi-Nord have documented a 62% heating cost reduction for a broiler producer with 40,000 animals when using a heat recovery unit. In addition to reduced heating costs, the report also demonstrated reduced air humidity and CO2 concentrations. Lower air humidity means drier litter and better air quality, meaning better animal health.


An integrated part of the system​

​The heat recovery unit is a fully integrated part of the overall ventilation system, controlled via the house computer which displays all relevant heat recovery unit data, including the amount of recovered energy.


Flexible and easy to clean​

​The heat recovery unit is suitable for nearly all house types and offers a capacity suitable for 10,000 broilers. In other words, 3-5 heat recovery units would typically be required per broiler house. The heat recovery unit can be quickly and easily cleaned between batches.

Blow heater
The powerful and quick heat source

A blow heater is a quickly reacting heat source, introducing heating via open combustion of gas in the livestock house. This type of heating is particularly well suited to heating and drying out after cleaning.


SKOV's fully automatic blow heater ensures correct combustion of the gas and also features automatic ignition. The blow heater will activate an alarm in case of combustion irregularities, avoiding the risk of unburnt gases in the house. The blow heater is resistant to the aggressive house environment and is made from stainless steel. It requires a minimum of maintenance and stands high-pressure cleaning.



A blow heater is well suited to heating and drying out after cleaning

​​Heating for poultry production



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