Production control



Improved productivity with SKOV

Delivering the best results demands the ability to monitor production continuously and take corrective actions if it takes an unanticipated course. SKOV's house computer has production modules adapted to broilers and parent stock with functions that enable systematic monitoring and effective control of production.

Production control
Production equipment for all types of poultry production

The DOL 53X production computer can be used in the production of broilers and the rearing of the parent stock. The controller has a flexible design and an easy-to-operate user interface. The DOL 53X production computers monitor and control feed and water supply to the animals, register the weight of the animals through continuous weighing.


In broilers, it is important to monitor animals' daily gain, feed intake, feed conversion ratio (FCR), water and feed consumption ratio, and mortality. Systematic monitoring of the above will provide an image of broiler productivity and an indication of any problems in the house, such as disease outbreak or improper climate, as the food and water intake of the animals' changes.


SKOV's flexible and user-friendly production computer makes it easy to monitor and control your birds 

​​​In parent stock, it is important in both the production and rearing periods that feed allocation is precisely controlled for both males and females as well as monitoring of the animals' gain and current weight. In the production period, it is also important to observe egg production.

Monitoring serves no purpose if no action can be taken to address the situations observed. The house computer provides the producer with the possibility to use recorded data to control his production.

Feed and water
Monitoring and control of your birds' consumption of feed and water

The feed is an important financial posting in animal production. Feed consumption in relation to production is an important parameter for evaluating farm efficiency. This is why it is important for the professional producer to be able to take regular analyses of production. A feed weigher from SKOV provides the producer with the best opportunities for finding and eliminating the causes for any irregularities quickly and efficiently.



Detect outbreak of a disease with a water meter

Feed weighing

SKOV's feed weighers have a capacity of up to 40 kg. They work together with the production computer, where all input and output relating to weighing takes place. Alternatively, the weighing can be done via silo weighing, where load cells are placed under the silo legs.


​Monitoring of water consumption

Changes in water consumption can indicate an outbreak of disease, but can also be an indication of water waste, increased temperature in the house, or poor feed. In cases of a disease outbreak or increased temperature in the house, the animals' water intake will increase. Water consumption is measured by a water meter and saved by the production computer, which continuously calculates relevant key figures.

Bird weighers and egg counters
When accuracy and longevity is important

It is of particular importance to broiler producers to know the weight of the animals in order to monitor and control their productivity. SKOV has several types of poultry weighers, all known for their high accuracy and longevity.


SKOV offers freestanding as well as hanging platform weighers with a weighing capacity of 0-70 kg, and the product program covers everything from day-old chickens and parent stock to turkey production.


SKOV has weighers for both broilers and parent stocks

Egg counting

Egg production of parent stock is recorded via egg counters, which via the production computer provides a complete overview of productivity. The egg counters are supplied in various widths so that they match the egg or conveyor belt, where it makes sense to record the egg flow.​

The egg counter register the egg flow so that you can analyze the performance 
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The best range of sensors for animal production

Sensors from dol-sensors are specially developed for use in an aggressive livestock house environment. We primarily use sensors in two main areas - sensors for the recording of feed in connection with production management and climate sensors to ensure comfort and productivity in animal production.​

Used together with our production computers, production sensors ensure efficient and seamless handling of grain and other feedstuffs. ​Climate sensors are used to record changes in the climate, including temperature, humidity, and CO2 sensors. The sensors are supplied both as single and as multifunctional sensors.


At SKOV, we focus on animal production, which is why we also develop the sensors for this particular purpose. In many cases, we can adapt the design of the sensor or offer the customers accessories that make it easier to install the sensor in the application.



With a climate sensor, you can monitor the livestock climate and regulate the ventilation if necessary


Climate and production control for poultry production



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