Do you see tail biting
and stress in your herd?

Do you experience tail biting and stress in your herd and cannot find an obvious cause? It could be due to non-equalized electrical voltages between the conductive iron elements in the house. If, for example, the feeding system has not been equalized through an earthing rod, static electricity will occur when the feed rubs against the iron bar. The pig will then discharge this electric tension when it approaches the trough. It is not just unpleasant and stressful for the pig; it can create unrest in the herd.

Test measurements reveal voltage differences
If you experience tail biting and stress, an electrician can test measure for voltage differences. When voltage differences have been equalized, the herd will calm down immediately.

It is the responsibility of the electrician to ground all installations and housing equipment correctly. Still, it does, unfortunately, happen that some building sections or housing equipment, such as the feed dispenser, are overlooked. ​