Biosecurity is important
at all times

Viral diseases and bacteria are a major threat to the global pig and poultry industry, as they not only cause pain for the infected animals but also result in severe economic losses for the affected farmer. 

A group of researchers from the National Veterinary Institute of Denmark mounted fly screens on twenty broiler houses in Denmark. Preventing flies from entering broiler houses caused a significant drop in campylobacter-positive broilers from 51.4% to 15.4%.

Also, studies have revealed that flies can transmit viruses such as PRRS, PED, and African Swine Fever (ASF) if the flies either bite the pigs or get eaten by the pigs.

The most common path of infection in, for instance, pigs is either through direct contact between sick and healthy animals or a more indirect transmission such as contaminated feed, water, vehicles, clothes, etc. However, for some outbreaks, the source of infection is unexplainable, as even farms adhering to strict biosecurity get infected too.

Here is what SKOV does to take preventive measures and what you can do to control flies.

Follow this link to learn more about the preventive measures that SKOV introduced to improve biosecurity based on the special EU rules for protecting against and combating infectious animal diseases.

The installation of fly screens on the air inlets could be a solution to prevent flies from entering the livestock house. Read more....