Energy-efficient ventilation in poultry production can save you power, money, and CO2

When renovating or building a new house, you can save a lot by choosing an energy-efficient ventilation solution.
Combining SKOV’s Dynamic MultiStep with SKOV LPC fans could save up to 50% of power. Dynamic MultiStep by SKOV is an innovative control principle suitable for most ventilation systems. It was designed explicitly for livestock buildings to optimize energy usage.

Fan Regulation and Grouping

Conventional ventilation systems typically run each fan at full capacity, regardless of the actual ventilation requirements. This method can result in excessive energy usage. However, Dynamic MultiStep utilizes a different approach.
In this system, fans are grouped and operate at around 50% of their maximum capacity. When two fans run at 50%, they only use a small fraction of the energy of one fan running at 100%.

Adaptive Adjustment

Dynamic MultiStep is integrated with the controller to monitor indoor climate conditions continuously. If more ventilation is needed, for example, due to increased animal activity or changing weather, the system adjusts accordingly.
Instead of turning fans to 100% one by one, Dynamic MultiStep gradually adjusts the fan speed. It activates more fans in parallel, but each fan operates at a lower output level. This gradual adjustment minimizes sudden energy spikes and significantly reduces noise levels.

Energy Savings and Animal Comfort

The Dynamic MultiStep system's main advantage is its significant energy savings. This is achieved by operating multiple fans at reduced speeds to maintain the required level of ventilation but using much less electricity in the process. Moreover, this system ensures that animals are kept in optimal climate conditions, safeguarding their comfort and overall well-being.
Since its introduction in 2012, SKOV has conducted numerous tests of the Dynamic MultiStep system across different climates, house types, and livestock productions worldwide. The system has also achieved positive results in studies conducted by various independent research institutes worldwide.
The College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia conducts extensive research on poultry housing and equipment performance. From 2017 to 2018, a study was conducted on a broiler-breeder farm in Northeast Georgia. This involved replacing eight older 48” slant wall fans with six newer 55" variable-speed fans (SKOV BF 55 LPC), resulting in a reduction of more than 50% in the annual cost of operating the tunnel fans. For more details, refer to the full study in Poultry Housing Tips, Volume 30, Number 7, by Michael Czarick, Extension Engineer, and Brian Fairchild, Extension Poultry Scientist.
Today, hundreds of livestock facilities worldwide run Dynamic MultiStep, benefiting animals and saving energy.

Environmental Impact and Noise Reduction

The Dynamic MultiStep system promotes sustainability and enhances well-being in livestock facilities. Significantly reducing energy consumption directly lowers CO2 emissions, contributing to environmental protection. Moreover, the system leads to a quieter environment, enhancing the overall well-being of animals, employees, and neighbors in and around the facility.

The extent of power savings depends on the system setup and the fans being compared. For specific cases, please contact us to know more.

Explanation of MultiStep and Dynamic MultiStep

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