Focus on split times
using Performance View

A successful marathon runner precisely knows which split times he must have at 10, 20, and 30 km to have a good finish time. They know their competitors' times and the times from completed races. Split times help them correct their efforts so they can reach their goal.

The same applies to pig production, where the producer has to know his split times, so he can, if necessary, correct his efforts and reach his goals.

SKOV has launched a new Performance View in FarmOnline ProGrow, which helps pig producers with split times. In other words, they get benchmarks along the way so they can adjust their strategy.

When producing pigs during weaning to 30 kg, the table shows the day number when the pig producer reaches 9, 15, and 25 kg, respectively. The producer also gets information on daily growth and feed intake during the same periods. He can compare this data with a reference and (or) historical data from previous batches.

Performance View provides a simple overview, where the producer can systematically take corrective actions during the entire production cycle to reach his production goals successfully.