Give your birds
the best start

The productivity of your birds is determined in their first week. Broilers are quite specific about the livestock house climate. Temperature, air humidity, and air velocity must be correctly balanced to give the broilers the best start, something which is, in fact, established even before the broilers are stocked. 

Day-old birds cannot regulate their body temperature. The ability takes 10-14 days to develop. They will be susceptible to the ambient temperature during the first 4-5 days. If the temperature surrounding the bird is not optimal, the bird's body temperature will not be optimal. The body temperature of a day-old chicken should be 40-41°​C. If the bird gets too cold, it will initially use the energy in the feed it ingests and the energy in the yolk sac to produce heat. The yolk sac is supposed to develop the bird's organs, immune system, and feed energy provides gain. If the yolk sac and the feed are used to produce heat, the bird will not develop as intended, and the gain will be suboptimal. If the bird's body temperature is too high, it will try to get rid of the heat. If it does not succeed, it will try to reduce its heat generation. The only way it can do this is to stop ingesting feed. This results in a low gain.​