Monitor your poultry production with cameras
A customer case from Denmark

Keeping an eye on your chickens is a good way of monitoring their well-being, as you can tell a lot from their visual appearance. The distribution of chickens in the house can for instance indicate if the temperature in the house is too high or too low and whether the litter is wet in some areas. With SKOV camera monitoring in your poultry houses, you will get a grand overview of your production from above and monitor your chickens without disturbing them.

Many of our poultry customers use SKOV camera monitoring as a regular part of their daily operation. One of them is Michael Vestergaard Jensen, a broiler manager on Frijsenborg Broilers in Hammel, Denmark. He is responsible for six farms with 20 houses, with a total capacity of 800,000 bird places. The annual production is 7,000,000 broilers which require 8.7 rotations per year. Besides Michael, six people are employed to manage the daily work on all the farms.

Real-time overview
All houses are equipped with SKOV ventilation systems and FarmOnline management system. FarmOnline gives Michael and his team a detailed overview of all houses in real-time. There are SKOV cameras in all poultry houses, and the connection with FarmOnline makes it a natural part of the daily monitoring. “The main purpose is to ensure the well-being of the broilers. The cameras give me a fast overview of the whole house. We have installed them in the ridge which gives a much better overview than what you see when you stand on the floor,” says Michael Vestergaard Jensen.