DA 820 exhaust unit
can exhaust 75% more air than DA 600

In June 2019, we launched the DA 820, an upscaled version of our best-selling DA 600 exhaust unit. The DA 820 can exhaust 75% more air than a DA 600 can, which has already made it a popular choice worldwide.

One of our most recent installations is at Henrik Holm, a pig farmer in Thyholm, Denmark, who runs five finisher sections with 24 pens each. Henrik was very pleased with the SKOV ventilation system installed in all his houses, so when facing an expansion in 2019, it was evident for him to reach out to SKOV once again. Whenever a ventilation system is requested from SKOV, our projecting department calculates the best suitable solution for the customer based on several factors such as performance, price, and energy consumption.

In Henrik’s case, it was evident that DA 820 was a perfect fit. Although the cost of one DA 820 is higher than one DA 600, the significantly increased cubic meter of air exhausted per unit means that fewer units were needed, ultimately making it a cheaper solution for the customer. Fewer exhaust units with higher air capacity have many advantages, including:

  • Decreased cost of freight and installation
  • Less cabling
  • Fewer units to clean and maintain

Bigger and better
With an inside diameter of 820 mm, the DA 820 can exhaust 75% more air than the DA 600 that has a diameter of 650 mm.

Like the DA 600, you can install the DA 820 as either a roof or wall outlet, depending on the optimal conditions for the system. All additional SKOV components for exhaust units have also been made available for the DA 820, including the drip tray, light bowl, and roof cap with a net to avoid ingress of birds.

The exhaust unit is of high quality, easy to maintain, and easy to install, making it a popular choice worldwide.

At SKOV, we aspire to continuously develop the best quality products regarding usage, capacity, and energy consumption. The fan in DA 820 is energy-efficient, and SKOV developed a new design for the fan blade, enabling the unit to exhaust the maximum amount of air while keeping the energy consumption low. Additionally, the DA 820 can operate SKOV's Dynamic MultiStep for even more energy-efficient performance.