Improves PEF by 30 points
by optimizing the setup in the climate controller

At SKOV, we have more than 40 years of knowledge and experience in commissioning ventilation systems to provide the broiler producer with the best possible productivity.

Tommy Krogh at SKOV climate controller

"We offer the customers a climate controller with many setting options. But also a best-practice setting, which we know from experience gives the best result under normal production conditions", says Tommy H. Krogh, Poultry Specialist, SKOV A/S.

The knowledge and experience in setting up the climate controller are maintained in a Service Manual that SKOV and the distributors' service organizations have access to in connection with system start-ups at the customer’s.

"The Service Manual is our corporate copy of recommendations and guidelines, which ensures a uniform setting of the climate controller, regardless of who completes the setup", Tommy H. Krogh continues.

In connection with a service inspection at Rob Manning’s, who owns a broiler farm near Ledbury in the Midlands part of England, we went through the climate controller setup together with our distributor.

The farm consists of six houses, each with approx. 35,000 broilers and a slaughter weight of approx. 2,500 grams.

In connection with the service inspection, we updated the controllers and completed the setup according to recommendations in SKOV's Service Manual.

Rob Manning, R. M. Manning Ltd.

"After the first batch, I could reap the benefits of the changes; My PEF improved by 30 point, it is the best production result I have had in five years", says Rob Manning, R. M. Manning Ltd.

The change of setup was mainly about adjusting the comfort temperature and the negative pressure curve so that the temperature in the livestock house was adjusted downward the last days before the broilers were to be slaughtered.

"I have obtained significantly better production results, not by investing more money, but by optimizing the equipment I already have", Rob Manning concludes.

SKOV's Service Manual is a dynamic tool that is constantly updated with the knowledge we have within the company.

"I recommend all broiler producers to contact the local service organization for a review of the climate controller setup if they feel that the production is not proceeding optimally", concludes Tommy H Krogh.

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