Reduce energy consumption
to 6 kWh per pen place with Dynamic MultiStep®

Heating and ventilation are some of the worst offenders when it comes to high-energy bills for pig production. However, you can reduce the power consumption for ventilation significantly.

Stepless regulation extends minimum ventilation
It is well known that considerably more power is consumed at high fan capacity than at low capacity. That is why SKOV developed Dynamic MultiStep®, resulting in the fans being connected in groups at approx. 50% of their output. Once all the fans are connected, they are regulated up to 100% of their output in parallel, should additional ventilation be required. Or in other words, because more fans are employed, they can run at a lower output. This reduces power consumption significantly while still maintaining a good climate in the house.

Significant reduction of energy consumption
Studies conducted at a Danish pork production site showed that they could drive down energy consumption to only 6-10 kWh per pen place annually. Energy consumption is reduced, and the animals have the same good climate conditions – the only notable change was that the noise level was also reduced, much to the pleasure of both employees and animals. ​