SKOV makes Superfarm a super farm

SKOV Asia is a key partner in the newly constructed Superfarm in the Sikhio region of Thailand. The farm owner is a contract supplier to Tyson Foods Thailand. Twelve houses have been completed recently, and the plan is to construct four more houses on the site. There are 25,000 broiler chicks in each house, so the current farm capacity amounts to 300,000 birds.

Tyson Foods require high standards for broiler growing, including high-specification housing, biosecurity procedures, production monitoring, and energy-saving initiatives. SKOV supplied both climate and production equipment to meet these requirements from Tyson Foods.

A key initiative on the farm is using the SKOV energy-saving technologies. Using the Dynamic MultiStep control principle in combination with low-energy fans provides the farm with the most energy-efficient ventilation system on the market. The decision to use SKOV followed commercial energy-saving trials in Thailand in 2022 in a large integrator operation. The results showed a minimum of 40% power saving compared to traditional locally made “on/off” extraction fans.

DOL 539 controller in each house

It is well known that powering a high fan output takes more energy than a low one. This is why SKOV controls according to Dynamic MultiStep, so the fans are connected into groups at approximately 50% of their output. Once all the fans are connected, they are regulated up to 100% of their output in parallel when additional ventilation is required. More fans are used, but they run at a lower output. It reduces energy consumption significantly while maintaining good climate conditions in the house.

SKOV supplied an automated climate control system for the tunnel houses using SKOV exhaust fans, cooling pads, tunnel door inlet with a Rack and Pinion opening system, and climate and production controller with climate sensors from dol-sensors. The complete system is controlled by a SKOV 539 climate and production controller. Fully automatic control by the controller allows the staff to focus on the birds and other farm work rather than constantly making ventilation changes. At SKOV, we call our controller “the invisible employee.”

The climate and production systems use high-quality sensors made by dol-sensors. Dol-sensors is a subsidiary company of SKOV. Using these sensors ensures that all equipment is compliant with the SKOV climate and production system.

Automated production control along with climate are also being used on the farm. The feed can be measured daily using the SKOV-supplied feed silo weighers. The water consumption is measured automatically in each house daily by water meters along with automatic daily bird weighing using two bird scales in each house. All the equipment is developed and supplied by SKOV.