Renovation leads to enhanced production and better animal welfare
A case story from South Korea shows how new equipment in existing houses can improve production

Mr. Eunmok Jung and his son Mr. Junwoo Jung run the layer farm, Youngam farm, in South Korea. They were experiencing great challenges with the climate in the house, which negatively affected the production. During winter, there was an imbalance in house temperature and an uneven airflow lengthwise in the house. In the summertime, the temperature often reached 34°C, causing intensive panting amongst the birds. The rate of lay, egg size, rejected eggs, and hen mortality were all key production benchmarks negatively impacted by these extreme climate conditions.

The house was equipped with 50-inch galvanized box fans and locally manufactured side inlets while controlled by a controller of a European brand. Through consultation with SKOV and our South Korean partner, FarmPlus, it was agreed to make the following upgrades:

  • Install a DOL 539 climate and production controller from SKOV
  • Replace the existing side inlets with DA 1211F type from SKOV
  • Remodel and increase the size of the existing tunnel inlets
  • Add evaporative cooling by installing DA 150B pad cooling
  • Replace the current galvanized box fans with the same number of BF 50 BlueFans with air shutters from SKOV

Immediately after installation, the farm owners noticed the improved airflow in the house and reported a much better climate. The birds had gone from an experienced temperature of 34°C in the summer to now just 28-29°C.
The air speed in the house is now more balanced throughout the house, with an average air speed of 3m/sec being measured throughout the house. The climate is now more even throughout the house, leading to a more uniform production. The birds are no longer panting, and the egg quality has improved significantly.

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