Ventilation for the largest insect production in the Nordic region

In 2023, Enorm BioFactory A/S will start Denmark's first large-scale insect production.

A characteristic of insect production is that the larvae convert biomass residues into protein in a highly efficient way. It is a production form where the air quality deteriorates rapidly and where a lot of moisture and heat is generated. The production requires an efficient ventilation system with high and uniform air exchange ensuring good production conditions throughout the house.

Leo Østergaard, SKOV CEO
"We have had a partnership with Enorm since 2020, developing ventilation and production equipment for their pilot plant. We now have the necessary knowledge and expertise to implement these solutions in large-scale plants", says Leo Østergaard, CEO SKOV A/S.
"Our background in agriculture has taught us that it is essential to provide complete cost and energy-efficient ventilation systems based on the animals' needs. Our customers must achieve a profitable production", Leo Østergaard continues.

The planned production facilities cover an area of 24,000 m2, and Enorm expects to deliver 36,000 tonnes of larvae per year. The green profile of the plant is optimized via air cleaning and heat recovery, which provides a minimal impact on the environment and optimal utilization of resources.

"We have used our existing plant as proof of concept to obtain the knowledge needed to produce at full scale. Our partnership with SKOV has been a prerequisite for us to now be able to establish Denmark's first large-scale insect production", says Carsten L. Pedersen, CEO, Enorm Biofactory A/S.

The production of insects for animal feed is an alternative source of protein in the green transition of Danish agriculture and a production form with significant global potential.

"We expect that our cost and energy-efficient solutions will contribute to the prevalence of insect production globally, and thus the green transition of agriculture", explains Søren Smedegaard, director of business development at SKOV A/S.

SKOV is already in dialogue with interesting international customers and expects more projects to be realized in the coming years.

"In line with pigs, poultry, and dairy, we work on making insects a new global business area for SKOV, and with the project for Enorm, we got off to a good start", Søren Smedegaard concludes.


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